Q: How would you check that the brakes are ok before you start a journey ?
A : With the engine off, press the brake pedal a few times. You should feel pedal resistance. They shouldn’t feel spongy or slack.
Q: Where would you find the info for the recommended tyre pressures and how you would check ?
A : In the cars manual or printed on the inside of the"door shuts", check with a pressure gauge when the tyres are cold. Remember to check the spare too.
Q: How to set up your head restraint ?
A : The middle of your head should line up with the middle of the head restraint.

Q: How would you check your tyres have sufficient tread depth and their condition is fit for use ?
A : The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, all the way around the centre of the tyre. Check with a tread depth gauge. There should be no cuts or bulges on the sides of the tyre.

Q: How would you check the cars headlights and tail lights ? 
A : Turn them on, look for reflections or get out and check.

Q: How you would know there is a problem with your ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) ?
A : There will be a warning light saying ABS on the dashboard. 

Q: How to check the indicators are working ?
A : Turn them on, walk around the car to check them all.

Q: How to check the brake lights are working ?
A : Turn the power on, press the brake pedal and ask someone to look for the 3 red brake lights at the rear of the car, or look for reflections.

Q: How would you check the PAS (Power Assisted Steering) is working ?
A : When the engine is on, the steering becomes lighter.

Q: How would you switch on the rear fog lights and when can you use them ?
A : Turn the power on, Turn your lights to manual (dipped)  then turn your fog lights on. Check the warning light is on the dashboard. You can use fog lights when visibility is under 100 meters. See Photo HERE

Q: How would you switch the headlights from dipped to main beam and how do you know the main beam is on ?
A : Turn the power on. Turn your lights onto manual (dipped), switch your full beam on. Check the blue warning light is on the dashboard. See Photo HERE